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Computer Science that Captivates

A coding adventure for students and your turnkey solution for teaching Computer Science.

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A solution to Engage Students and Support Teachers

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Easy Implementation

Even with no coding experience, you can teach a full Computer Science curriculum with Ozaria. Our ready-to-go lesson plans and intuitive dashboard will provide you with the tools you need to be ready to teach on day one.

Immersive Gameplay

Students are immersed in an adventure game in which their knowledge of Computer Science advances with the storyline. In this engaging learning environment, students build real-world skills through the power of play.

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Standards-Aligned Curriculum

Ozaria meets CSTA and ISTE standards, enabling you to teach with confidence as your students master core Computer Science concepts, develop computational thinking skills, and learn about the relevance of Computer Science to their daily lives.

Professional Development

Learn the skills to effectively teach computer science with our self-directed, CSTA-accredited __pd__ course. Earn up to 40 credit hours any time, from any device.

Once again, your team has managed to accomplish the Holy Grail of Edutainment. In my opinion as a 26-year veteran Middle School educator, there is no more engaging resource for teaching coding.
Chris BeckwithTechnology Instructor, Reeds Brook Middle School
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Core Computer Science Curriculum

We have developed our instructional model based on proven theories and extensive evidence around how students learn best.

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Comprehensive Teacher & Admin Dashboards

Designed with feedback from our community of over 140,000 educators, Ozaria addresses the challenges of teaching Computer Science by providing tools and resources that work.

The intuitive Teacher Dashboard provides access to student-facing lesson plans, pacing guides, distance learning strategies, and other resources to support your needs.

The Track Progress page allows you to monitor student progress on an ongoing basis, get valuable information on their performance, and immediately identify whether interventions are needed.

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It’s the most accessible programming site I’ve seen as of yet. I appreciate the story that goes with Ozaria, as it aligns with a mission my students can empathize with. Frankly, I love it. In fact, I found myself playing for far longer than I wish to admit last weekend!
Alecia NachtigalEducator, Victoria School for Ideal Education
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Shareable Resources

Share the resources below with teachers, administrators, and others involved in bringing Computer Science to your school or expanding offerings already in place.

Slide with following text. What is Ozaria? Flexible and personalized core computer science curriculum. Teaches authentic text-based coding in Python and Javascript. Highly engaging game-based learning. Self-paced and scaffolded instruction. Real world project-based applications. Promotes 21st Century Skills and lifelong learning behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Ozaria related to CodeCombat?

Ozaria is the classroom-centered evolution of CodeCombat, one of the most popular coding games in history. We built Ozaria based off the insights gained from teaching over 20 million learners Python and JavaScript. Ozaria incorporates new pedagogical models, an immersive story-driven narrative, and was designed to be implemented in classrooms, for both in-person and remote learning settings.

What ages or grades are appropriate for Ozaria?

Ozaria is aligned to the CSTA and ISTE middle school CS standards, but has been practiced and enjoyed by students ranging from upper elementary through high school.

How much does it cost to access all of the available units and resources?

We customize solutions for schools and districts and work with you to understand your use case, context, and budget. Contact Us for further details! We also provide a Funding Resources Guide for school and district CS programs.

Does Ozaria have project-based learning?

Yes. Ozaria incorporates shareable Capstone Projects at the end of each Chapter, where students create their own games. These projects serve as summative assessments and are great ways for students to express themselves and demonstrate their learnings to classmates, friends, and family.

Can I use Ozaria as my class’s main curriculum?

Absolutely! Ozaria has everything you need to run a full Computer Science class, even if you don't have a Computer Science background. From lesson plans and solution guides to project rubrics and built-in standards alignment, it's all here.

What initiatives does Ozaria have to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in the game?

Ozaria is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the game. Through diverse character representation, equitable opportunities, and an inclusive environment, Ozaria embraces differences and fosters a welcoming experience for players of all backgrounds and abilities. Explore our __deipage__ to learn more about our commitment and initiatives towards DEI in Ozaria.

How does Ozaria measure and demonstrate its effectiveness in improving learning outcomes in the classroom?

We prioritize effectiveness through evidence-based practices and assessment. Our __efficacypage__ offers detailed statistics, real teacher quotes, and compelling case studies demonstrating the transformative impact of Ozaria. By creating meaningful learning experiences and employing evidence-based practices, we design content that delivers the outcomes that matter most to teachers and students.

Does Ozaria promote social and emotional learning (SEL)?

Yes! Ozaria actively integrates social and emotional learning (SEL) into its curriculum. Through gamified activities, students develop essential skills such as decision-making, self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. You can learn more about our philosophy on our __selpage__.

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