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Computer Science that Captivates

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Ozaria is a computer science program, an adventure game, and a fantasy story where students master the lost magic of coding to save their world.

Epic Story. Immersive Gameplay.

Inspire a deeper connection to learning

In Ozaria, students find themselves embedded in a new world where they master core computer science concepts to progress within the game. The unfolding narrative creates a powerful student-centered learning experience, with each student’s investment in Ozaria’s story paralleling the investment they are making in their own learning journey.

Discover the Hero within Every Student

Build real skills through play

Concepts and skills are introduced via a thoughtfully-designed content progression that includes game levels, instructional character dialogue, cutscenes, and more. Students learn to type Python or JavaScript, problem-solve using computational thinking, demonstrate understanding through formative assessments, and apply what they learn by making their own projects.

Projects that Inspire. Resources that Empower.

Unleash Student Creativity

At the end of each unit, students apply what they've learned by creating projects, from games to choose-your-own adventure stories and more. Built with scaffolded goals, yet allowing for limitless ideation, students build a shareable and playable portfolio of work that showcases their creative identity.

Teach with Support

Ozaria is built for educators. Each unit throughout the curriculum has a lesson plan that outlines learning objectives, common student misconceptions, key terms, and CSTA standards. In addition, a comprehensive teacher dashboard helps teachers to track student progress and check student code.

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